On May 28th, we hosted the second of a series of five workshops in the immersive online technology Second Life. The theme of this workshop was supply chain resilience.

A summary of the workshop will appear in an upcoming issue of the CIP Exchange.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and interdependent.  For economical reasons, industry’s motivation is to find efficiencies by reducing slack and eliminating redundancies – yet these efficiencies often have a negative impact on supply chain resilience.  Resilience is defined as a system’s ability to return to its normal state after a risk event. This workshop will introduce some of these tensions, discuss methods for evaluating a supply chain system’s resilience and offer some insight on finding a balance between economic efficiency and managing supply chain risk.

SCHEDULE – Supply Chain Workshop, May 28th, 2013

10:00am 9:00am 2:00pm Participants log-in
10:20am 9:20am 2:20pm Opening remarks: Dr. Ronald Pelot and Dr. Kevin Quigley
10:30am 9:30am 2:30pm Presentation #1: Dr. Robert Van Der Meer and Prof. Lesley Walls – Modelling and managing systemic risks in supply chains
10:45am 9:45am 2:45pm Q&A
10:55am 9:55am 2:55pm Presentation #2: Mouhamad Shaker Ali Agha – Modelling Food Supply Chain Resilience in Atlantic Canada
11:10am 10:10am 3:10pm Q&A
11:20am 10:20am 3:20pm Presentation #3: Gord Helm – Manager, Solid Waste Resources – Halifax Regional Municipality
11:35am 10:35am 3:35pm Q&A
11:45am 10:45am 3:45pm Closing Remarks: Dr. Ronald Pelot and Dr. Kevin Quigley