The CIP Initiative is a hub for citizens, industry, NGOs and governments to engage with questions and ideas about the management of Canada’s critical assets.

This project acknowledges shared ownership and responsibility of Canada’s critical infrastructure and seeks to enhance collaboration between citizens, industry, NGOs, academe, government at all levels and international partners on questions concerning its management. We aim to enrich discussion about the complexity of infrastructure and the holistic approaches necessary to make it more secure and resilient. 


We see those with responsibility for critical infrastructure using multi-disciplinary analyses to arrive at informed decisions how about how best to ensure healthy and efficient communities, served by secure and resilient critical infrastructure.


The CIP initiative exists to develop motivated networks that are better informed about the complexity of the infrastructure and the holistic approaches necessary to manage risks associated with it.

We will create fora in which participants can access and share diverse and expert perspectives on protecting Canada’s critical infrastructure, exploring technical as well as historic, social, political, economic and managerial issues.

While the initiative has a Canadian focus, the projects will endeavour to employ rich, diverse and international perspectives to analyze key issues, including the use of interdisciplinary and comparative methods.