The Implications of Multi-Organizational Interdependence: A Dialogue about Critical Infrastructure Protection in Halifax

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The workshop occurred June 3 2008. More than 60 people attended from over 20 organizations. To download a copy of the introductions, the keynote address or the end of day panel event, please visit our audio visual section. You can also read about the event in the Fall 2008 edition of the CIP Exchange.

One-Day Workshop

The Centre for Risk Management and the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University will host a one day workshop at the Kenneth C. Rowe Building, Faculty of Management, 6100 University Avenue, Halifax, on Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

Critical Infrastructure Protection activities that enhance the physical and cyber-security of key public and private assets is the focus of greater attention among governments and industry stakeholders caused largely by the complexity and interdependence of the sometimes fragile systems upon which we rely on a daily basis.

The workshop will be a combination of key note speakers, panels and breakout sessions. The audience at the workshop will include academics as well as representatives from organizations from the public and private sectors, respectively that have an interest and responsibility in managing and securing the infrastructure.

The Goals of the workshop will be to:

  • Generate a dialogue about key interdependencies that exist in the region
  • Examine the constraints and opportunities that shape our capacity to protect critical infrastructure, including the competitive market context as well as the complex governance issues
  • Consider future prospects for shared dialogue and collaboration on this subject

Rationale for the Workshop

Critical infrastructure depends on complex and interdependent systems. Failure in one system can have a cascading effect; it can cause multiple, simultaneous failures. The challenge is not merely a technical one, however; the legal, business and popular media context can also make managing critical infrastructure challenging. The primary objective of the workshop is to help create cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional spaces in which participants can access and share diverse and expert perspectives on protecting the critical infrastructure, exploring technical as well as managerial issues. The workshop is not sector-specific but rather focuses on a region. This regional focus will allow us to discuss cross-sectoral interdependencies more readily.

The medium term goal is to ensure that motivated networks will emerge better informed about the complexity of the infrastructure and the holistic approaches necessary to make the infrastructure more secure and resilient for the benefit of all.