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Air Disaster Database2010
Highway Infrastructure: Federal Efforts to Strengthen Security should be Better Coordinated and Targeted on the Nation's most Critical Highway Infrastructure2009
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Adherence to Guidance would Improve DOD's Approach to Identifying and Assuring the Availability of Critical Transportation Assets2008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Developing Training Standards and an Awareness of Existing Expertise would Help DOD Assure the Availability of Critical Infrastructure2008
Highway Public-Private Partnerships: More Rigorous Up-Front Analysis could Better Secure Potential Benefits and Protect the Public Interest2008
Surface Transportation: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Restructure Current Program2008
I 35 W Bridge Minneapolis2008
Environmental assessment after the 2004 tsunami- a case study, lessons and prospects2007
Timeline: Deadly Bridge Collapses2007
Inquiry into the collapse of a portion of de la Concorde overpass2007
Ontario - US Power Outage - Impacts on Critical Infrastructure2006
Repairing and Reconstructing Disaster- Damaged Roads and Bridges- The Role of Federal-Aid Highway Assistance2005
Impact of port and trade security initiatives on maritime supply-chain management2005
Is Port Security Spending Making Us Safer2005
9/11 Commission Report2004
Ports: A Component of Canada’s Critical Infrastructure2003
Space Shuttle Columbia2003
Transportation Risk Management a new paradigm2002
Potters Bar Train Wreck2002
Space Shuttle Challenger1986