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The Elliot Lake Inquiry2014
Independent Review - Moncton Shooting2014
Hurricane Sandy FEMA After-Action Report2013
Emergency Response Guidebook2012
FEMA Homepage2009
Planning for and managing emergencies: a good practice guide for higher institutions2008
The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom: Security in an interdependent world2008
Illustrative model of a risk based land use planning system around petroleum storage sites2008
Learning lessons from the 2007 floods2007
Public Safety in Complex and Built Environments2007
The Ten-Thousand Mile Target _ Energy Infrastructure and Terrorism Today2007
Recommendations on the emergency preparedness for‚ response to and recovery from incidents2007
Recommendations on the design and operation of fuel storage sites2007
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - A Perspective2006
Looking back - moving forward: Lessons identifi ed and progress since the terrorist events of 7 July 20052006
Critical Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling _ A Survey of U.S. and International Research2006
Defending Critical Infrastructure2006
Water_Food Security and Agricultural Policy in the Middle East and North Africa Region2006
MARITIME SECURITY New Structures Have Improved Information Sharing, but Security Clearance Processing Requires Further Attention2005
Bayes, Bugs, and Bioterrorists - Lessons Learned from the Anthrax Attacks2005
Impact of port and trade security initiatives on maritime supply-chain management2005
Is Port Security Spending Making Us Safer2005
Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response2005
9/11 Commission Report2004
An Assessment of the US Border Accords with Canada and Mexico2003
Critical Infrastructure Protection in The Netherlands2003
Security and Vulnerability in Electric Power Systems2003
Vulnerability and Risk _ Some Thoughts from a Political and Policy Perspective2003
Combating Terrorism: Intergovernmental Partnership in a National Strategy to Enhance State and Local Preparedness2002
Nuclear Weapons Proliferation2002
Ballistic Missile Proliferation2001
The Cyberwar Debate _ Perception and Politics in US CIP2001
Transnational Criminal Activity: A global context2000
International Terrorism: The threat to Canada2000
Water and Human Security2000
Anti-Globalization - A Spreading Phenomenon 2000
Biological Weapon Proliferation2000
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism1999
Ice Storm 19981998
Critical Infrastructure Protection and the Endangerment of Civil Liberties1998
Report to the Presidents Commission on CIP1997