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Publications by Sector

The Elliot Lake Inquiry2014
Independent Review - Moncton Shooting2014
Hurricane Sandy FEMA After-Action Report2013
Emergency Management Database (Government of Austrailia)2013
Annual Disaster Statistical Review: The Numbers and trends2011
The Lapindo Mudflow Disaster - Environmental, Infrastructure and Economic Impact2009
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Further Efforts Needed to Integrate Planning for and Response to Disruptions on Converged Voice and Data Networks 20082008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Adherence to Guidance would Improve DOD's Approach to Identifying and Assuring the Availability of Critical Transportation Assets2008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Developing Training Standards and an Awareness of Existing Expertise would Help DOD Assure the Availability of Critical Infrastructure2008
Emergency Communications: The Future of 9112008
Physical Infrastructure - Challenges and Investment Options for the Nation's Infrastructure2008
Developing a Multi-Agency Flood Plan (MAFP): Guidance for Local Resilience Forums and Emergency Planners2008
Planning for and managing emergencies: a good practice guide for higher institutions2008
Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: Supplementary guidance for local resilience forum planners2008
Disaster preparedness and chronic disease needs of vulnerable older adults2008
Illustrative model of a risk based land use planning system around petroleum storage sites2008
Environmental assessment after the 2004 tsunami- a case study, lessons and prospects2007
Data Protection and Sharing2007
Public Safety in Complex and Built Environments2007
Recommendations on the emergency preparedness for‚ response to and recovery from incidents2007
Recommendations on the design and operation of fuel storage sites2007
Increase of Flood Risk due to Urbanisation- A Canadian Example2006
Evacuation and Shelter Guidance2006
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - A Perspective2006
Looking back - moving forward: Lessons identifi ed and progress since the terrorist events of 7 July 20052006
Planning for Major Water and Wastewater Incidents in England and Wales2006
Climate Change and Disaster Management2006
Terrorism: Some Legal Restrictions on Military Assistance to Domestic Authorities Following a Terrorist Attack 20052005
Bayes, Bugs, and Bioterrorists - Lessons Learned from the Anthrax Attacks2005
Emergency Preparedness: Guidance on Part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004,its associated Regulations and non-statutory arrangements2005
Emergency Response and Recovery: Non statutory guidance accompanying the Civil Contingencies Act 20042005
Guidance on dealing with fatalities in emergencies2004
9/11 Commission Report2004
Flood Preparedness and Mitigation in the Red River Basin2003
Policy Development in Disaster Preparedness and Management2003
Combating Terrorism: Intergovernmental Partnership in a National Strategy to Enhance State and Local Preparedness2002
Planning and Financial Protection to survive disasters2002
National Hazards of Canada: A historical mapping of significant natural disasters2000
Identifying People Who Are Vulnerable in a Crisis: Guidance for Emergency Planners and Responders2000
Part one report of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry2000
Part two report of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry2000
Ice Storm 19981998